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    Prince Edward Island Certified Beef

    nada’s Food Island is known for the fantastic taste of its food products. Prince Edward Island Certified Beef is flavourful, tender and juicy, thanks to a harmonious marriage of our deep-rooted farming heritage and the highest standards of modern processing.

    For generations, Island ttle have been raised on small family-farms. Salt air, iron-rich soil, and rolling pastures, without the use of growth hormones, produce healthy, stress-free animals.

    Our beef is like no other beuse it’s infused with “Island.” #BeefTerroirPEI is a distinctive taste present in our beef.

    Prince Edward Island Certified Beef sets the highest standard at your table.


    An amazing range of high quality, consistent and delicious beef products are suitable for an endless variety of menus. From elegant entrees to hearty dishes, there is no substitute for the flavour of Prince Edward Island Certified Beef. Let our beef add sizzle to your meals.

    Healthy. Happy. Humane.

    It takes a commitment to quality excellence to produce Prince Edward Island Certified Beef.